27 september 2009

Your Personal Stylist

Hardly any time – let me assist You to more efficient and fun shopping My ambition is to improve women’s wellbeing through clothes. As a woman it can sometimes be hard to find the time you need to invest in yourself. My assistance can increase your wellbeing and help you find your personal style. As a woman it is vital to find your own personal style, following trends blindly is not always the right approach. I founded this company with the goal to improve women’s self-confidence through clothes that are directly adapted to their personality and needs.
My name is Jimmy Neda and I have my own company, JimmytheStylist. I daily work with personal styling. My clients are mostly business women as well as celebrities and people in the fashion industry. The packaging of the Personal Styling depends on your needs.
Amongst others, I have worked with Kajsa Ernst (actress) as well as with the former Chief Editor for Elle, Hermine Coyet Ohlen. In issue number 2 of Elle Lyx from 2008 you can read an article about me and my work as a personal stylist
Should you be interested feel free to e-mail me at: jimmythestylist@gmail.com.